Send Us Your Zines

As part Papercutterof volume 2 of Handmade & Bound Nashville,  we are very excited to feature zines in a massive way as part of our events. This year we’d like to educate and appreciate zines in all formats and on all subjects from perzines, cookzines, artzines, and musiczines from all regions (particularly Nashville) to minizines, cut and paste zines and comics.  The exhibit will be in the Library of Watkins College of Art, Design & Film, home of one of only two zine collections in Tennessee, and run for the month of October. We’d love to display your zine whether stapled or tied, screen printed or simply photocopied. If your interested, send your zine by September 15  to Lisa Williams, library director, Watkins College of Art Design and Film Library, 2298 Rosa Parks Boulevard, Nashville, Tennessee 37228.  After the show, we’ll ship your zine back to you or happily add them to our collection

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